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Five Stars reviews

Olivia Castaneda
I transferred from a different cosmetology school and I’m so glad I had made the change. Mrs.Paulette and Mr.Sammy are great and have helped me so much. Mrs.Paulette is kind, encouraging, and really knows how to teach. She has made me feel confident in my hairstyling skills and I’m so thankful. Mrs. Paulette taught me what it means to be a professional and what is expected when you want to work in a salon. If you are looking for a cosmetology or esthetician school, I highly recommend Paulette de Paris. You will not be disappointed!!

Shay Le

LOVED this place! I visited their skincare department to hopefully remedy years of acne. Not only are the students and teachers super informative, they're also very friendly and treated me with so much extra love and care. They all went to extra lengths to make sure I got the skincare I needed and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. It's been about half a hear since I started following Madame Paulette's day and night treatment and my skin looks SO much better!

Sabeen Ali

This review is way over due. This is not just a salon it's like home. I scheduled a last minute appointment before a major holiday and although they don't take appointments on Mondays Paulette accommodated me. Her students are well trained as she is a phenomenal leader.
Besides this my hair color was not done right previously and she really understood what I was looking for and stayed with the student every step of the way, the highlights and color turned out perfect. I will definitely be going here as a regular.

Christine Hansen

I went on March 28th to get a perm. I called on Monday and they were able to get me an appointment for Thursday. They are located in an office building in the Tyson’s Corner area. When you walk in, you feel like you’re in a spa. There was beautiful classical music playing, a sofa to sit on, beautiful artwork, a computer monitor showing a flowing waterfall, etc. Sam welcomed me and let Paulette know I was here. Soon after, the student who was going to do my perm and cut arrived. Her name was Esther. I had a great experience! Paulette was on hand for any questions I had and popped in regularly to check in. I was concerned that my hair was too short in a few places to wrap around the perm rods, but they were able to wrap all the hair. I was very pleased with how my hair turned out. I was even more pleased with the price. When I paid, Sam gave me a coupon for $10 off my perm. Then he showed me around the academy and I met some of the students. This is a small beauty school with lots of one on one teaching and small group teaching. Paulette is a master at her craft and I highly recommend her and her students.

Ramina Rouhani

This place is beyond amazing, the students specially the owner she’s such a sweetheart and honest. My hair was very damaged bad blonde I went to Hair Cuttery in Vienna I had the hair master promising me she will turn my hair platinum blonde she only damaged my hair and turned it to orange blonde. After I went to Paulette de Paris and she turned my hair platinum blonde and my hair didn’t fall I will never go to another salon because their work is magic

Fayzimoh Nasridinova

I'm in this school since January I will graduate soon! The only thing I can say is "Best school" the teacher is very caring and explains everything very good that it sticks to your mind forever! She show you every single ways of cuts and correct you for a very small mistake. I come here everyday like I'm going to my second house? everybody is so friendly and kind. We bring foods and share with each other. Most of the times our teacher brings lunch for us In this short time I already learned so much. And so ready to go for my license! 


Michelle Nease
Esthetics licensing program

The Paulette De Paris International Beauty Academy is not just a beauty school, but also a salon, and day spa.
Being an Esthetician student at the Paulette De Paris International Beauty Academy: is a true benefit to my life; I couldn't have asked for a better education, I'm moving into my fourth week at this school and have already learned way more then expected (I'm not the one to sugar coat anything).

Paulette is humbly passionate about her teachings, and she does so in such a chic, and elegant matter. My colleagues at The Paulette De Paris Beauty Academy are such amazing people to work with, we are like a family, we help, and care for one another every day. There is never a dull moment being at school. I'm am surly learning how to blossom into the world of beauty, as an Esthetician in such a beneficial way; not just for myself but for my future clients. Being at The Paulette De Paris International Beauty Academy, makes me more and more excited to beautifying my future clients inside out, and vice versa.




Best place ever!



I’m a student at Paulette De Paris in the Esthetics program. Ms. Paulette is very patient and knowledgeable. I feel that I’m at home, it’s like a family here. Ms. Paulette Makes you feel welcomed because she cares a lot toward us. I’m learning and practicing a lot, you get special attention from Ms. Paulette. I will miss her when I complete the program.


sheni saul

Paulette is an awesome instructor. One on one instruction is beneficial compared to a class of 20+ students. She makes it seem easy, but she is by the book and is passionate about what she does. My classmates are mature women who use the knowledge that she gives with pride. Paulette also has a story about her cosmetology journey from Paris to the USA that is very inspirational. If she can do I can too. She is a wealth of knowledge and experience.





I am recent graduate at Paulette De Paris and now employed at a well known high end salon in the area. My company very impressed with my works. My secret is here at Paulette De Paris. You will get the best education with the best mentor, who would give you all her knowledges and hair industry experiences. You want to surround with people with kind heart and help you grow not like some places you spend so much money on only help marketing their brand but no skills. You know what is best for you!




 I have just completed my schooling with Paulette Last week. I am so excited for my future in the beauty business. 
There is not a lot of people who can say they are a French trained hairdresser! Paulette is a wealth of knowledge, she goes beyond the basics required by the state board so that you are really prepared for your future. 
It is a non stressful family atmosphere and I will truly miss going in everyday. I highly recommend attending this school for hair or esthetics! I have had a facial with Paulette and all I can say is it was incredible.



                                                                          Paulette de Paris is the best place to learn how to get the USA license . I already have my license from the other country & I have the experience . 
                                                                        She is very knowledgeable , kind , patient & amazing personality. I'm very happy to study in this school , it's like my home & they are my part of family .

Jacquin Nguyen

I love Paulette de paris; I am currently a student here. Paulette is such a wonderful teacher; I called her a hair magician. She is patient, talented and caring for each and every student in her school. She is always be there if you have questions and gladly give you private session if you still dont get it. Importantly, Paulette de paris feels so much like a family to me. From teacher to students, I am so grateful surrounding with all these wonderful people and so many talents. I am feeling motivated all the way. Thumbs up Paulette de paris!


I am in the cosmetology licensing program here and I love it! Paulette is very knowledgable, patient, and kind. It's definitely a small school so you get more individual attention. Also, you get to watch her work on customers, which is always a treat. You get the French cosmetology and esthetics experience without having to know French or pay lots of money. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get licensed in these areas!


Daniela Vargas

Yo estoy estudiando "Cosmetology"en esta pequeña escuela, que si bien es pequeña, para mí es una muy buena opción, porque Paulette puede explicarme y enseñarme brindándome calidad de tiempo, estar en esta escuela te hace sentir como si estuvieras en casa, con la confianza de preguntar y practicar. Estoy muy feliz por todo lo que estoy aprendiendo, Paulette es una persona muy cálida, muy paciente, es una persona que te explica a detalle y con todo el profesionalismo que ella tiene para enseñar. Y los horarios son flexibles, se acomodan al tiempo que una/o dispone....siento que tome una muy buena decisión, ya que esto se trata de mi futuro!!!!

I am studying "Cosmetology" in this small school, that although it is small, for me it is a very good option because Paulette can explain and teach giving me quality time, being in this school makes you feel like you're at home with feel free to ask and practice. I am very happy for everything I'm learning so much. Paulette is a very warm, very patient person, is a person who tells you in detail and with all the professionalism that she has to teach. And the hours are flexible, while accommodate one / or has .... I feel I make a very good decision, as this is my future !!!!

Alisha G

I'm a student here and I absolutely love it! It doesn't feel like school because of all the love and support coming from its amazing teacher! The hair cuts are amazing and the hands on teaching is phenomenal!


The instructor is very knowledgeable and is dedicated to her students. She is very patient and explains a lot. She is bilingual, French and English. The pace of instructions is not fast and she does not pressure trainees.

Kimberley M.

  • Sterling, VA

I have been a student of Paulette's' now for almost a year. I have to say that I am so thankful I chose her academy over the other two that I visited with.  I only go part time and I already feel confident that when I leave I will have had the best educational experience possible.  Paulette is so kind and patient.  She shows you everything, not just what you need to know to pass the State Board exam.  You really learn your craft, not just hair, but the science behind what you are doing.  I am witness to countless customers and former students singing her praises.  I am very picky about my hair and I am proud to have her as my stylist as well.  If you are considering cosmetology or esthetics I encourage you to give them a call and schedule a visit.  I went about three times before I finally did it (best decision).  It is a family atmosphere where we help each other.


Hi Everyone !!! I'm so EXCITED in writing my first review on Yelp !!! Welcome Me !!! Today, I would like to share with you all some of my experiences while enrolling in Paullete de Paris International Beauty School. One of the Best Schools in Northern Virginia  for those who interest in Cosmetology. I've taught professionally by Mrs. Paullete, the teacher; the best cosmetology teacher I have ever met and learned with. Her knownledges of things about cosmetology are beyond what the book written. I guess it's because of her experiences in cosmetology for more than 30 years. I'm just very happy by making the right move when I decided to enroll in her school.  Like any other, I did research every school first, and I feel bad after hear the reviews of those who struggling in their own cosmetology schools. Sorry! but I can't name them all here, but You guy have my point right. ALWAYS DO RESEARCH AND READ FEEDBACK FROM OTHERS FOR THE SCHOOL YOU ARE INTEREST IN ENROLLING. So, I guess I have your back for any of You who interest in enrolling Paullete de Paris International Beauty School. Oh Yeah! my teacher is a French, she was born and raise in France, most of her experiences are accumulated in France where highest standard of profession be met. To sum up, I hope I would help a bit for You guys out of this review of mine ^_* Very Proud to share with You all. I hope You all do the best and make the right choice in choosing school for your profession. "STUDENT TODAY, PROFESSIONAL STYLIST TOMORROW" is the motto of Paullete de Paris International Beauty School ^_* Let work harder than the hard book or hard work You guys! Okay, I will leave You alone now. God Bless You All ^_* Thanks
Best Regard


GUY DICKINSON AND KIMBERLY L (Student at Paulette de Paris International Beauty Academy)

Paulette de Paris is incredible!! I've seen first hand the fantastic work she has done. Whether you're looking for a great hair style/cut or cosmetology school you absolutely can't go wrong at Paulette's beauty parlor. There's a reason the French are regarded as the best in fashion and style it's because they're perfectionists and they settle for nothing less. You can expect a friendly environment with a very knowledgeable stylist. Paulette life is dedicated to her craft, it's very refreshing to know you're in the hands of someone who genuinely cares about your needs and desires. Don't hesitate, give them a call and make an appointment, you have nothing to lose and Everything to gain!