We will teach you Cosmetology and Esthetics with a French stylist's touch!


Paulette de Paris, International Beauty Academy LLC, opened its doors on September 5th 2011.

It is a family owned business and is managed by Paulette and Sammy. 

Paulette and Sammy

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Of French nationality and now US Citizen, Paulette has been a successful hairdresser,  Master Esthetician and teacher for more than 34 years, in France and also in the United States.

Following her secondary education, Paulette very quickly became involved in hairdressing and esthetics which had always been of interest to her from an early age.

After attending a number of different schools, Paulette has taken a variety of techniques from each one, making her the true specialist she has become today.

She attended the Parisian beauty school "MADELEINE MANGUIN” where she focused on hair, facial care, décolleté, massages, waxing and pedicures.

After 3 years of intensive training, she obtained her master degree in esthetics and hairdressing. With the idea of acquiring greater knowledge, Paulette undertook numerous internships at L’OREAL in Paris where she specialized in coloration and hair relaxation. She was certified by the ELLA BACHE LABORATORIES in Paris after an internship in waxing and skin care as well as the preparation of beauty products. 

In Paris, Paulette opened Noir Ebene, a hair salon and day spa, where she had much success.

Paulette joined her husband in the United States in 2002.  She continued to pursue her career by obtaining her Virginia Cosmetology license and her Instructor certificate.

Since 2005, after obtaining her Virginia Cosmetology Instructor certificate, Paulette has taught cosmetology.

In 2011 Paulette obtained her Esthetics License followed by her Master Esthetics License and Instructor Certificate in 2018.

Paulette is highly respected by her students for her excellent teaching abilities and for the care and support she gives them.  Paulette's students have successfully completed the Cosmetology and Esthetics programs, obtained their Virginia Cosmetology license and have gone on to have successful careers.  

Over time, Paulette de Paris International Beauty Academy will continue to expand in size to accommodate more students and to offer more new courses.